A Tender Plant and Root out of Dry Ground

I wrote this post last April but have been reviewing it once in a while as well as, and I hate to confess mea culpa, for being lazy till now to post it.  

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One of my favourite piece of classic music is The  Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. I am sure many of my readers admire this famous Baroque music as well. Each season has its own charm; mine is Spring. As the cold winter moves out and the spring moves in, one cannot help but delightfully experience sunshine, warmth and joy. From nowhere the birds keep coming, chirping and singing. The buds keep popping up and the scenery changes from white to green, at least in Canada, eh? Isn’t there an old song called “Spring is in the air?” Continue reading “A Tender Plant and Root out of Dry Ground”

The Story of a Frog in the Well

Frog in the Well

There was a frog in a well, living a happy and content life.  He felt like “I am the monarch of all I survey” (Poet P.B. Shelly), thinking the well was the whole world.  During one monsoon season, another frog from a nearby ocean came floating and fell into this well. He narrated to the resident frog about the ocean, its vast expanse and all the creatures -big and small – that lived there.  The resident frog could not believe him, until another flood, this time carrying him to his new found friend’s ocean. What a surprise!  His little world changed! He became a Believer. Continue reading “The Story of a Frog in the Well”

Maya Angelou

Maya AngelouI wanted to call this post “A Comedy of Errors” but, on second thought, changed it to Maya Angelou.  I will explain why – later.  Dr. Maya Angelou went to be with her Lord on 28 May 2014.  Front line news honored her life time achievement as an activist, writer, poet, teacher, singer and dancer, etc. Continue reading “Maya Angelou”