A Tender Plant and Root out of Dry Ground

I wrote this post last April but have been reviewing it once in a while as well as, and I hate to confess mea culpa, for being lazy till now to post it.  

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One of my favourite piece of classic music is The  Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. I am sure many of my readers admire this famous Baroque music as well. Each season has its own charm; mine is Spring. As the cold winter moves out and the spring moves in, one cannot help but delightfully experience sunshine, warmth and joy. From nowhere the birds keep coming, chirping and singing. The buds keep popping up and the scenery changes from white to green, at least in Canada, eh? Isn’t there an old song called “Spring is in the air?” Continue reading “A Tender Plant and Root out of Dry Ground”

The Process of Trust – Part II

This is the follow up to my post #114, dated 15 July 2017, on the subject  “Trust Matters”

Trust is defined as “the firm belief on the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something” – google. There are, of course, minor difference of opinions among pundits on the interchangeability of words between trust, belief and faith.  The importance of our trust in God is the main theme of many religions, worldwide. Continue reading “The Process of Trust – Part II”

4,000-year-old Greeting – नमस्ते (Namaste)

namasteHave you observed a recent trend among some celebrities, politicians, artists and Evangelists using a new type of greeting? Instead of the traditional western handshake, salute, hug or waving of hands, they now hold both hands together with thumbs touching the chin and rest of the fingers pointing forward, combined with a slight bow of respect. Amazing! Isn’t this a typical four thousand (some estimate it between 4000-5000) years old Indian greeting? How did this come to pass?  Here are my thoughts: Continue reading “4,000-year-old Greeting – नमस्ते (Namaste)”

Unique Friends – King and the Prisoner

I have not finished with Neb yet!  Nebuchadnezzar with his friend Daniel demonstrated to the world how to respect each other and to work for the common good (Kant) irrespective of background or culture. The theme for this post came out of a comment on my post, “Jethro, Drucker and Jesus” (8 Oct. 2014), from a friend, with a special blend of Corporate Management experience and pastoral responsibilities of a local Church – a very rare gift.

Continue reading “Unique Friends – King and the Prisoner”