Getting Started

The thought behind the idea of “moderation” started many years ago. It was the combination of many life experiences and lessons.

The journey from my birth place, Kerala to Calcutta in 1954 as a teenager, moving away from parents, my struggles as a young man. The lack of funds for higher education, a quest for freedom. At one point, I stayed in Kathmandu, Nepal for 2 years.

My rebellion as a youth, the experience of being “born again”, regrettable mistakes and deeds. The importance of moderation as taught from Indian poet, Kunjan Nambiar and Hindu epics. Having to learn various languages. Study of the Bible; atrocities and intolerance of Christians, both past and present. Reading of hundreds (perhaps thousands) of books on theology, philosophy, novels including the story of Pi.

Becoming a father, then a grandfather, with its own perspective – all the above and much more convinced me the importance of moderation.

Now an old man reviewing the past and looking to the future.

God bless, Danny