Two Ship Wrecks – Two Endings

Costa Concordia Runs Aground

We heard back in 2012 that the huge Italian Cruise ship Costa Concordia, carrying 4252 passengers, hit the rocks and leaned against its side in the Mediterranean Sea near Tuscany. It was sheer panic on board for both passengers and crew. The dashing Captain Shettino, no pun intended, was reported to commit some non-chivalrous things against marine procedure Manuals. They said he thought of his own safety before that of the passengers. I read last week the case was still before the courts involving billions of dollars (we must not judge the Captain before the verdict). 32 passengers died. The sail started with gaiety and great expectations, but shattered on the rocks, now to be sold as scrap.

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The Story of a Man Called “Repent”

EEYes, that is his name – Repent. Paul Hurst is a pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He told this story to my friends Ed and Ann Hopkins. He frequently takes mission trips to Africa, particularly the southern part of Sudan, where he starts churches and leads or helps to lead clinics where the Evangelism Explosion ministry of late Dr. D. James Kennedy are given. Continue reading “The Story of a Man Called “Repent””