What Is In A Name?

The title may sound Kabalarian but actually it is a quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.  Last night I read my own post “A Man Called Repent”, April 10, 2014.  I still have no idea how, why and where he got his name from.  He was illiterate, so I imagined he heard it frequently from the missionaries stressing the importance of repentance from sin or a verse like “Repent and be baptized”.  I wondered if he took his new name at baptism? Continue reading “What Is In A Name?”

Authorities Scared Of A Teenage Martyr

martyr8I was sad when I read Dr. Payam Akhavan’s article on “Iranian Regime still scared of a Bahai girl, hanged 30 years ago”. Dr. Akhavan is co-founder of the Human Rights Documentation Centre, a former UN Prosecutor at Hague and presently Professor of International Law at McGill University, Canada. He wrote about Mona Mahmudnizhad, just seventeen then, thirty years ago, when she was hanged by the powerful Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Her crime? She taught young kids on Sundays. They could not break her indomitable spirit by torturing, so they condemned her to death. Nine other women were also executed and buried that same day in the city of Shiraz, 1983.

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