Reckon Nebuchadnezzar

Let me stir up our thinking of a famous Babylonian king, named Nebuchadnezzar. I will start a trend by calling him “Neb”.  The Bible has a lot to say about him, some not very complimentary. What comes to our mind when we think of Neb? Most will classify him as a despot, egocentric, megalomaniac pagan. Continue reading

The Singing Bag Man

singing bag manThe “Singing Bag Man of Toronto Airport”, that’s what The Toronto Star called him. The article captivated my interest to the extent that I wish to boldly state-  If Believers catch this simple man’s vision, and “show a little kindness”  it will turn many kids with teary eyes to beaming smiles! My Blog readers know how this kind of no-frills, no-name brands , simple act gets my full undivided attention and gives me undiluted pleasure.

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