Unique Friends – King and the Prisoner

I have not finished with Neb yet!  Nebuchadnezzar with his friend Daniel demonstrated to the world how to respect each other and to work for the common good (Kant) irrespective of background or culture. The theme for this post came out of a comment on my post, “Jethro, Drucker and Jesus” (8 Oct. 2014), from a friend, with a special blend of Corporate Management experience and pastoral responsibilities of a local Church – a very rare gift.

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“Go Grannies Go”

grannyIt was International Women’s Day, 2008. In a powerful and evocative moment, for the first time, South African and Swazi grandmothers came together and demonstrated in Manzini, Swaziland, for women’s rights and gender equality…. fighting against domestic violence, elder abuse, lobbying for pensions, pushing for safety and rights of grandmothers and their grandchildren.  Grandmothers are a tremendous force for change in South Arica, as millions are orphaned because of AIDS and they are the ones raising the new generation. Strange that the biggest opposition came from men! They were the bystanders, men who yelled back at these women: “return to the kitchen and cooking”,  “go home old women” (courtesy of The Toronto Star). Continue reading ““Go Grannies Go””