God Shows no Favouritism – Part II

This is part two of my previous post #127 on  “God shows no favouritism”.

This must have been a hot topic in the early church that the Apostles, particularly Peter and Paul dealt with it admirably and followed it up in their epistles. Now comes the question, what about in the Old Testament era? Well, it has been there all along – perhaps worse. 

Here are my headings for this post:

1. Deborah, Abigail and Huldah, the Golden trio of the Old Testament

2. Huldah Buntain, Mother Teresa and Mother Amy, the second Golden “Trio-of Calcutta”  

3. “Women“ the Backbone of the church”- Pastor Yongi Cho, South Korea 

4. Witty pun -just for fun – on few women but leaders in politics

Deborah, Abigail and Huldah

The name Deborah means “bee”, which can sting as well as give sweet honey! Did you know that name was most popular from 1950 to 1970 in the United States, according to Google source? I got a kick out of Deborah’s “job description”. She was the prophetess/ judge/ war strategist/ wife all-in-one. She got in there and with God’s direction, conquered her nation’s powerful enemies. How? Simple, because (a) God shows “no favouritism” and (b) God wanted to teach a hallmark lesson. Let me put it another way. Couldn’t God find one single courageous man to take charge? Yes, He did notice a woman. (Judges 4:4-8).  While I am at it, you will find it very interesting, perhaps ironically, a request by Barak the Military Chief, who literally begged Lady Deborah’s presence with him right in the war zone and be close to him?  Wow! That was interesting to note right in the Old Testament Scriptures!

Abigail was very different from Deborah; once again straight from the Old Testament, way back in the days of King Saul and David. Her name Abigail means “Father’s Joy”, “Father’s rejoice” or simply “Gives Joy”. I was not surprised the parent’s joy and their faith in God made Abigail  “live up to her name”. Frankly, it did surprise me that the Old Testament gave almost an entire chapter (1 Samuel 25) for Abigail! One modern writer went even farther to call her “a woman of brain and beauty”.

 Huldah. I am fascinated with Prophetess Huldah. As a starter, there is only one in the Bible with that name. The spiritual condition of the Israel nation, at this time, was pathetic. Just like any other nation- ungrateful, into idol worship and rebellious. Yet, there was Huldah, instrumental in causing a part of a truly amazing spiritual turn around. The Prophetess Huldah had something great to offer and communicate from God to the nation, not only the victory over war but also through the young King Josiah. God brought in a spiritual “repentance and awakening and in today’s terminology a  “Revival”! You may wish to read the fascinating account in 2 Chronicles 34:20 – 33 and part of Chapter 34

Rev/Mrs. HULDAH Buntain, Mother Teresa and Mother Amy, the  Golden Trio of Calcutta (Kolkata). 

I like that name Huldah and I will tell you why.

I confess I have and will always maintain a special place for that great city Calcutta  in my heart and soul. That was where I started my career as a late teenager in the airline business way back in 1955. There is more, much more. It was in an upstairs hall at 55 Park Street (that building is still there, now functioning as a restaurant), as a youngster, I heard the gospel and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour, through the ministry of a young Canadian Missionary couple by name Rev. Mark Buntain and his dear  wife Huldah, (the only other Huldah I know in the world. Their only daughter Bonnie, at the time, must have been just four or five years old.

While Mark was the Pastor, Huldah was  “anything and everything else”. She put her mind and soul and feet and hands into anything. She was a loving wife, mother, the Young People’s leader/organizer, visited the sick and the new parishioners- she knew everyone in the congregation. She oversaw the music- was a violinist, singer, soloist, choir conductor, orchestral group leader, and was also the church office manager who handled the accounting,  office staff, handled all correspondence- local and abroad et al; yes she was indeed the “chief cook and bottle washer” of the entire mission. If that is not ministry what else is? On top of it all there were the starting of an AG School, Hospital, Nurses College etc. After Pastor Buntain went to be with his Lord the mantel fell on Huldah. Her hidden talent as a powerful speaker now fully extended. She also sought and found the current pastor, a man of God.  

Then, there was an extraordinary new development; the building of a relationship between Huldah the Evangelical” and the Nobel Prize winner of 1979, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a devout Catholic, with her Mission of Charity! Oh, the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! “How unsearchable are His judgments and His ways past finding out (Romans 11:33)! 

The third person of the golden trio of Calcutta was lesser known, but greatly loved by the poor, sick and desperate. Mother Amy was entirely different. She was neither a physician, nor a pharmacist but a “friend of the sick and suffering and dying”. She, out of dire necessity and utter shortage for medicines, funds and resources, studied from her own little handbook on  “Homeopathy”. Naturally she always carried an old but heavy hand bag full of medicine and pills ! Now you know why I call them “the Golden Trio of Calcutta”. 

3. Women the backbone of the church

Here is a short clip, a continuation from my last post on the mega church of South Korea 

(Source-This Week in AG History — November 4, 1979, By Darrin J. Rodgers), Originally published on PE-News, 02 November 2017)

Yoido Full Gospel Church (YFGC), with 830,000 members, is well-known for being the largest church in the world in  Seoul, South Korea, was started by Pastor Yonggi Cho in 1958. Some may be surprised to learn that the congregation’s  growth is due in large part to the ministry of women. In a 1979 Evangel article, Pastor Yonggi Cho shared how the Holy Spirit prompted him to train and empower the women ministers – despite the negative view of Korean culture,  (many other countries worldwide) toward women leaders. These women became the backbone of the church’s cell group structure, wrote the Pastor. Many pastors and leaders from the West, including Canada and USA still keep visiting S.Korea to admire, appreciate and learn from Pastor Yonggi, and of course from the Lord for their own domestic congregations. Here is a photo shot of their “ladies”!

 4. A little fun with a Pun on politics   Allow me to shift gears from the spiritual to the mundane – politics.

This reminded me of some powerful Govt. Ministers who were called “The Iron Ladies”; the late Prime Minister of India Mrs. Indira Gandhi and the late Mrs. Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom.  Then there are some witty words on the famous lady politicians e.g  Mrs. Golda Meyer of Israel. Mr. Ben Gurion, on one occasion, looked at his cabinet and pointing at  Mrs. Golda Meyer called her loudly: “I have one man in my Cabinet” ! When Ben Gurion first made her a Minister in his cabinet, the religious bloc, very typical, objected to the idea of a woman running over men. They finally, perhaps grudgingly, accepted her on the grounds that Deborah (Debra back again), the Biblical judge of the Old Testament had been acceptable to God. However, later on when Meir was a candidate for the Mayor of Telaviv, the same religious objections defeated her, to her everlasting fury”.

Get cracking ye men ! 

God bless, Danny Paul   

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