DannyPaulPhotoDanny Paul is, first and foremost, a loving husband, father and grandfather. Born in a small town in South India, he moved as a young man to Calcutta, where he met his bride, Grace. In 1969, the family packed up and moved to Canada, to experience snow for the first time.

He has a unique perspective on everyday situations that most would overlook. While many people go through life not aware of their surroundings or the implications of their actions, Danny finds the small lessons and morsels of truth.

Enjoy reading from Danny’s blog – In Search of Moderation.

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    1. Hi Esther. Thank you for your comment/question.I have not done a post on it yet. Let me put a gentle question. Are the Western Christian mind ready to hear/read about Yoga yet?

  1. Good connecting Danny, great impact and nice idea to have this blog. Reminds of the yeast that slowly builds up. May several be reached for Truth. Jeysheel

  2. Hello Danny, I almost did not recognize you with the mustache. I hope all is well as it has been many, many years. I hope you remember me.
    I will subscribe so I can stay in touch… All the best to you and your family. Robin Hussain… MDC stores.

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