Sir Branson on Relationship

Wondering what in the world has Branson got to do with Danny’s blog? Read on.

Sir Richard Branson is a successful business magnate. He started, owned and operated, among others, the famous Virgin Airlines thirty years ago. He is now planning Virgin Galactic into space in 2018. The business community worldwide admires his spirit of adventure and business acumen. Besides, he is a philanthropist. I respect him personally for another reason. I started my career as a teenager in Calcutta in Airline operations back in 1954; first with the Indian Airline Corporation and later with SWISSAIR. That was a long time ago, when twin engine Douglas C-47 or DC3 were the “state of the art” commercial aircrafts, with a seating capacity of twenty-one. Morse code telegraphy in aircrafts was then the latest communication gismo. Those were the days, Sir Branson! Continue reading “Sir Branson on Relationship”

A Tender Plant and Root out of Dry Ground

I wrote this post last April but have been reviewing it once in a while as well as, and I hate to confess mea culpa, for being lazy till now to post it.  


One of my favourite piece of classic music is The  Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi. I am sure many of my readers admire this famous Baroque music as well. Each season has its own charm; mine is Spring. As the cold winter moves out and the spring moves in, one cannot help but delightfully experience sunshine, warmth and joy. From nowhere the birds keep coming, chirping and singing. The buds keep popping up and the scenery changes from white to green, at least in Canada, eh? Isn’t there an old song called “Spring is in the air?” Continue reading “A Tender Plant and Root out of Dry Ground”

The Process of Trust – Part II

This is the follow up to my post #114, dated 15 July 2017, on the subject  “Trust Matters”

Trust is defined as “the firm belief on the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something” – google. There are, of course, minor difference of opinions among pundits on the interchangeability of words between trust, belief and faith.  The importance of our trust in God is the main theme of many religions, worldwide. Continue reading “The Process of Trust – Part II”

Trust Matters

This post is slightly different. In order to confirm or substantiate a particular point, I normally, and rightly so, quote from the Bible. In this post, at least to start with, I will give three quotations on trust, not from the Scriptures but from business community and one of the most famous American Presidents.  After all,  I should stick with my Blog name “In Search of Moderation” – must look from all sides …! Continue reading “Trust Matters”

The Making of a Missionary

Who is a Missionary? I came across one of the finest answer or definition. It was so beautiful, clear and concise that I was instantly inspired to share it with my readers:  

“A missionary is someone sent by Jesus as He was sent by God”.

The quote challenged my thoughts not only as to who is a missionary,  but also how is he or she is sent? Continue reading “The Making of a Missionary”

Pride & Prejudice – Part I

The great Abraham Lincoln, a politician and the sixteenth president of the USA wrote: “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.  Great words of wisdom! This begs the question, is power the main push for pride, or is it the other way around? Is pride the perpetrator for power? This has prompted me to write, humbly, one of my own for this post: “If you want to test a nation’s character just watch their leaders and surrogates on TV or FB or Twitter.   Continue reading “Pride & Prejudice – Part I”

The Verse, The Song and The Anecdote

Sometimes, out of nowhere,  a memory verse, a silly or embarrassing incident, or a place visited as a child etc. will suddenly cross my mental screen. I’m sure you have experienced this as well. You let your thoughts  “linger” on for a while. I am joyfully experiencing one as I write this brand new year’s first blog post. The format of this post is slightly different.

Here it is:

  1. A Scripture Verse
  2. An old hymn
  3. An old anecdotal story

Let’s start with the verse, John 14:6

I learned this verse by heart many years ago as a youngster. In fact, my dear mother forced me to memorize it. Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life: no man comes to the Father, but by me”. Continue reading “The Verse, The Song and The Anecdote”

4,000-year-old Greeting – नमस्ते (Namaste)

namasteHave you observed a recent trend among some celebrities, politicians, artists and Evangelists using a new type of greeting? Instead of the traditional western handshake, salute, hug or waving of hands, they now hold both hands together with thumbs touching the chin and rest of the fingers pointing forward, combined with a slight bow of respect. Amazing! Isn’t this a typical four thousand (some estimate it between 4000-5000) years old Indian greeting? How did this come to pass?  Here are my thoughts: Continue reading “4,000-year-old Greeting – नमस्ते (Namaste)”